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I'M Jaymi Green!

Hi, I'm Jaymi Green. A Transformation Coach who has helped clients transform their lives through fitness and nutrition for over the past ten years. I recently stepped into the world of mindset coaching to help clients overcome limiting beliefs and step into their true potential. As someone who has been where many clients have, I understand the constant battles. I struggled with weight, getting enough sleep and eating the proper foods to fuel my body, working for a large corporation, and having no work-life balance. Feeling lost with the battles of everyday life and not enjoying the little things anymore brought on toxic relationships, and my mindset suffered tremendously from it.

I woke up one day wanting something different and more from life because I knew I was destined for more. So I got to work, I took the time to do the inner work and reframe my mindset. Before I knew it, I had met the man of my dreams, bought my first little fur baby, my miniature bulldog named Tina (yes, she's named after the lama from Napoleon Dynamite). Then, I started travelling the world and creating an online platform to share my passion for fitness and food with anyone who wanted to follow along.

I now live in Calgary, Alberta, and have a hilarious little 3-year-old who brings me so much joy. After growing my platform, gaining partnerships, and expanding my online business, I left the corporate world to develop my dreams and build my empire. I now help others do the same! So if you are looking to create a body you are proud of while eating the foods you love while having the mindset that you can accomplish anything, I am here for you. I help those feeling lost and stagnant in life get their spark back, transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and build a life you have only dreamed of.

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Some things I help clients with:

Life, Faith, Confidence

Creating fitness routines that fit into their everyday lives

Helping them overcome negative relationships with food and turn their favourite comfort foods clean so they can enjoy whatever foods they desire

Create an abundance mindset

Squash self-limiting beliefs

Start a side business to make money from home or remotely. Don't you have an idea of how you can do this? I have an act for helping you figure out what your true passions are and then giving you a game plan on how to create a business model; we truly take your passion and our it into profits.

These will be my offers (if you want to put them in a place where people can pick like the sample website you can, and then I will add the application forms in once I get the type form ones done)

Ways to work with me:

Get Lean & Eat Clean w/ Jaymi Green

Monthly Fitness/Nutrition coaching 

Core Confidence Transformation Program - 8-week mindset program to increase your confidence in all areas of your life 

Realize your Dreams Reinvent your Life Mastermind - 12-month mastermind to transform your life fully 



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