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No Equipment Full Body Workout

If you're stuck at home like most of us with minimal equipment but tons of time on your hands then this is the workout for you! I did this one in the comfort of my living room with just myself, my H20 and my work ethic. Let me tell you I was on fire when this one was done.


You can do these exercises modified or advanced. Below I will give you ones for each plus a way to make the workout easier or more challenging depending on your fitness level.


Modified exercises are great for beginners or postpartum mama's! You could even do the modified ones in your first trimester of pregnancy depending on your fitness level and pregnancy.

Modified Workout:


- Squat to curtsy lunge (you can also skip the curtsy lunge if you are brand new to exercising)

- Supermans's (great for strengthening the upper & lower back, glutes & hamstrings and also increases your core strength)

- Reverse Plank (great for core strength and can help with lower back pain, works on flexibility and can help improve your balance and posture)

- Knee Tricep Push-ups (great for building up your push-up progressions plus will help burn stubborn tricep fat)

- Reverse Lunges (compound exercise that helps improve balance while building strength in your lower body)


How to do it:

Option 1

Perform each exercise for a # of reps or set time for 2-4 sets with 30-60 sec break between each exercise

- for example: 15 reps x 3 sets of squats to curtsy THEN move onto the next exercise

Option 2

Perform an exercise for 30 secs then immediately move to the next exercise until you have completed all 5. Then rest for 60 secs and go again. This one is considered a circuit and you can progress your time each week by trying to push for a little longer work time and less rest


Advanced Workout:


- Jump squat to curtsy lunge (great one to start with to get the HR Pumping)

- Superman with rows (do these slow and steady and concentrate on squeezing your upper/mid back on each rep, these should burn like crazy if done properly)

- Reverse Plank with march (great for the obliques and torsion control)

- Tricep Push-ups (these are always challenging but so rewarding, keep your core tight and drop to knees if necessary)

- Reverse lunge to knee drive (also great for the obliques, torsion control and working on improving your balance)


How to do it:

Perform each exercise for 45 sec with 15 sec rest for 5 rounds without stopping.

- This is how I did it and loved the burn! Listen to your body and make sure to drink lots of H20!


Check out my IG page for all the videos on this workout and more:


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