Warm up: Jumping Jacks

- 3 rounds 30-45 sec 20 sec break between sets



• Plank to Squat

• Walkout Push-up

• Reverse Lunge-jump

• Side to Side Pop Jacks

• Ball Slams


I do these for max # of reps rather then set reps because I like to challenge myself every round and try to hit a higher number the next time around.


Set a timer for 20 mins after your warm up (Jumping Jacks) go through each exercise for as many reps as possible continue until your timer is up. I took a quick 20 sec after each round (it was NEEDED) I got through 4 rounds in total for this one, and I was a sweaty mess by the end.


The great thing about AMRAP workouts is you can push yourself to do better each time, you should notice you’re able to fit in more rounds (or reps) over time. For example the first one, you might only be able to complete the circuit 3 times and you’re wiped out, but the next time maybe you can do it 4 times and you’re not as fatigued.


Honestly these are not my usual workouts, and I’m striving everyday to get better at them because I honestly prefer to lift weights then do more Plyometric and Aerobic style workouts. But in order to get good at something that makes you uncomfortable you have to do it consistently. So stay tuned because I have a lot more fun circuits coming your way.





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